We have operated a center for childhood speech and language disorders in the Masonic Center at 16 East Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara since 1984. For information, please call (805) 962-8469 or visit Our therapist's has over six years of experience with children, has a Master's Degree and is licensed by the State of California. We treat most speech and language disorders for children 3 years or older who are not suffering from severe emotional problems or mental retardation and who do not present out of control discipline problems. Children from all religious, racial, ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds are welcome provided their problem qualifies for our help and the parents are willing to work with their child at home as directed. Our services are completely free.


We thank all the many people who have graciously supported our clinic in the past through their generous donations. Many children are being helped with their speech problems. Planned giving is a way to support all the fine work that has been achieved.

Any questions regarding this worthwhile charity please call Ill. Maurice Sourmany, 33° at (805) 969-3035.

Scholarship Forms and Information

The Santa Barbara Scottish Rite provides scholarships for graduating high school seniors from the public schools in our district. We have been giving grants since 1982. All this has been made possible by you.

Perpetual scholarships can be named in honor of the memory of a friend or relative. For more information please call the Scottish Rite Office at (805) 965-6100

You can print or save to your local computer, fill it out, and mail to the address provided on the form.

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